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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Animal Print Project

The wonky house quilt is not finished--I am still trying to decide whether to make it into a bed quilt.

 I like to have numerous projects going at a time. After work today I made these four quick & easy 7-inch animal skin blocks:

I sewed them into this:

I need to make 3 more of these, which will probably not get done until the weekend. I love to make useful quilted items that are not used as bed coverings or wall hangings.  I will show you what they are once I get them all finished. 

I just noticed a new follower--welcome Leah!

Happy Quilting,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

$40.50 for this? and New Wonky Quilt Corners

Are you noticing the price of sewing supplies going up?  A few weeks ago I bought 4 spools of thread and 4 packages of needles and it was $40.50!

Over $8 each for the larger spools of thread. Why does Washington keep saying there is no inflation? I guess they don't sew.

On to my project...I made some new corners for the wonky house quilt. Here is one of them:
Here it is in the corner:
Here are all four:

So far I have only sewn the middle section, so I can still make changes.  What do you think? Do these corners work?

Monday, April 18, 2011

Waking Up in the Land of Glitter--Book Review

At almost 30 years old, Estrella, known as Star, leads an enviable life of sponging off her hippie parents--that is until her father finally puts his foot down and demands that Star become a responsible adult.  At the same time, she loses the love of her life, Theo (although she does not realize that Theo means so much to her until it is too late---or is it?)

Star  likes to think of herself as an artist (not a crafter), though she makes no art. After a night of drunken stupidity, Star finds herself confronted by a local television reporter, Crafty Chloe. Despite the catchy name, Chloe hates crafts; but she will do anything to get ahead, including sleeping with her creepy boss. Star's long time friend, Ofi loves to craft and idolizes Crafty Chloe , but Ofie has no talent. Her family and friends encourage her craft neurosis, all the while hoping they are never gifted with one of her pathetic creations. 

On the outside Star, Chloe, and Ofie do not seem like they would have much in common. But after Chloe snags the coveted job as host of the national craft Olympics (a career-propelling gig), and Star orders 3.5 lbs of expensive glitter, but receives 350 lbs, their three lives become intertwined.

 Star attempts to sell the $5,000 worth of glitter that she put on her dad's credit card. That does not pan out as she hoped, so she devises a scheme to turn the remainder into 200 centerpieces for the craft Olympics that Chloe is hosting.  Redeeming herself in her parents' eyes rests on the success of this project.

A young, rich misfit boy (Benecio), with designer aspirations also joins the centerpiece makers. Benecio is very wise for his age. Through their friendship with Benecio, the ladies begin to wake up in the land of glitter. 

This is a light, fun read--perfect to curl up with on a warm spring afternoon. It is  Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo's first novel.

I won this book on Heather's blog, Books and Quilts.  Thank you again, Heather for introducing me to Kathy's books.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My First Fabric Win

A few weeks ago I won some fabric from Kathy's blog, Kathy's Quilts. Kathy is from Canada and has a great quilting blog. Please take a moment to visit Kathy and be sure to say "Hi".  She is a very friendly quilter.

I received the fabric today.  Aren't these greens just scrumptious? And what a beautiful tulip card.

I was so excited to see word fabric. I have never used any fabric with words, but this one had the phrase "Home and Family":

How perfect  is that for my wonky house quilt?

I immediately set about using it and another piece of the green fabric for this block:
Can you see it?  Here is a close up:

It's subtle. But I love the idea of someone looking closely at this quilt and discovering those words.

Thank you, Kathy. This fabric is perfect for the quilt I am now working on!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wonky Center Done

Last night I made six more blocks to encircle the first house block. 

So the center is now all sewn together.

For new readers, last week I did a computer mock up  and  I am working toward something like this:

You may have noticed that the center block is different from the example I showed earlier. I decided that I wanted more of the white polka dot fabric in the center so the white polka dot points looked like they belonged.

I really loved Gypsy Quilter's and Osage Bluff Quilter's suggestion to put a thin border around each house block. GQ even suggested orange, which I think would have been perfect.  I think  you were both right on target! However, that would have changed the block size and then the orange pointed star and the other blocks would not fit.  Because I am too lazy to remake those, I am leaving the wonky houses unbordered.

I do plan to make a better redistribution of the colors when I actually sew the blocks on. The mock up used only the blocks I had finished and I had to make copies of the exact same houses.

West MI Quilter said she liked the white polka dots in all the corners.  I am thinking I may do that, but I will make the white point larger in the last four corners.  I like the orange blocks, but they take a long time to make. I am guessing that it took a good 1.5 hours to make the first four orange pointed blocks. I don't think I want to devote that much time to making four more. Maybe I can come up with something to incorporate a bit or orange as well as the white polka dot fabric.

It's always an adventure!  Again thanks to everyone who commented. I really like getting input. I am not in a quilt guild, so this is my substitute.

Hope everyone has a week full of great quilting.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Taking the Wonkies to the Next Level

I had planned a simple little quilt alternating wonky houses with plain blocks. But I  don't really like that style of quilt. So tonight I decided to experiment with some other layouts and made these two blocks.
I was not sure I liked them and did not want to spend time making more if I was not going to use them. I decided to take a picture of the blocks, crop them to a single block and put them on my computer so I could see if I would like the finished product.  I made multiple copies and moved them around until I came up with this center:
then I brought in some houses and put them all around this center.
I don't like the white polka dot points in the outer corners--too small.

I tried the orange/pink blocks in the corners and I liked those colors much better.

At the moment I think this layout has possibilities.

 I need a couple of the house blocks with the white polka dot fabric so the white points make sense.
Voilal! White polka dot fabric blocks have been added and I removed one center house block on each side because it looked too crowded.
Now let's see how I can make it larger....I don't feel like making a gazillion more wonky houses, so how about just a big border of black fabric with houses in the corners?
Now I don't like the orange/pink corner blocks. I think I should try houses there.

 Poof! Houses appear in the white polka dot fabric to match the center points.
Hmmm...need to think about it for awhile. Maybe the orange should be on the outside corners?
Now I am thinking that both triangles on the outside corners should be pink. It would look like an hour glass shape of pink.  I may try that later. Right now I have to get to work.

Love to hear your thoughts, suggestions if you feel like sharing them.

I will set it all aside for a few days and then take a look with fresh eyes.  It's amazing how I can change my mind after a day or two.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trying out background suggestions

Thanks for the suggestions!

Chris and Carol G. suggested smaller polka dots. Catskill Quilter suggested black. (Thanks for the follow Catskill!)

I searched my polka dot bin and found a combination of both.

What do you think about black with small polka dots?

My first thought is that I really like this one.

Carol G. suggested the yellow dot fabric. I think I have more of that, but don't have time to check this morning as I have to get to work. I will check out that one when I get home late this afternoon.

Please let me know if the black works.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still Plodding Along with the Wonkies

I auditioned a few colors for the alternating blocks:

Off white: OK

Polka Dot --Ouch. This hurts my eyes!

Orange - Ok

Nothing really makes my heart sing. I think I need to do something else with the wonkies. Perhaps use them as the center for a star? ...maybe a star medallion with different borders....

At the moment nothing really jumps out at me.   I need to do more thinking before I find a use for these.

Your suggestions are welcome!

Marisa, thanks for the follow!!
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