Trying out background suggestions

Thanks for the suggestions!

Chris and Carol G. suggested smaller polka dots. Catskill Quilter suggested black. (Thanks for the follow Catskill!)

I searched my polka dot bin and found a combination of both.

What do you think about black with small polka dots?

My first thought is that I really like this one.

Carol G. suggested the yellow dot fabric. I think I have more of that, but don't have time to check this morning as I have to get to work. I will check out that one when I get home late this afternoon.

Please let me know if the black works.


Anya said…
Yes, black with polka dots looks good. Perhaps even better with black fabric that has random polka dots (if you can find it).
Zoey -This choice of black, with the dots, really rocks for me! I think the dots kind of 'soften' the black -- better than a solid black! Congrats!
I like the black polka dots, you might even try adding a different color small boarder (1/2 inch or so) and then setting together with the black.
I'm sure you will make them look cute!
Mary-Frances said…
Zoey, love the black polka dots and your wonky houses! They are so fun!
I love this black with the dots. It makes the other blocks really pop! Great choice.