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Monday, May 5, 2008

Just Like a Jigsaw Puzzle

I have accumulated quite a stack of blocks.

I've been sewing them the past few months and tossing them in a pile.

As I ran out of whatever fabric I used for the background, I started another batch with a different background color.

I really had no plan on what to do with them. I just made them for the pure pleasure of trying out new color combinations.

Tonight I took the pile and started playing around with them to see what I could make.

From the three stacks above, I came up with this:

I don't have quite enough border blocks done. I have very little of the green fabric left, but I did a quick calculation and I think I may have just enough to make the 25 border blocks I need.

I will just keep sewing and stacking and one day I will put them together into something. It may end up being something totally different than this. I never know what I am making until it's done.
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