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Thursday, January 26, 2006

I am Ready for Summer

Last night I finished my 7th (and probably last) pillow for the deck. I found a triple star paper-pieced pattern that I wanted to try. These pillows were great for teaching myself paper-piecing. I got to practice on something that would end up being useful to me. And I got to use wickedly bright colors that I would never dream of using in my home.

I still need to stuff them all, but will wait another couple of months to do that. They are much easier to store flat. These are the three different designs all together.

With the triple star I finally realized the value of paper-piecing. It would have been nearly impossible to traditionally piece all those angles.

I am quite happy with them and glad that I learned a new technique.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My First Paper-Piecing Project

In January of 2006 I taught myself to paper piece with this heart block. I made quite a few heart blocks -- until I felt comfortable with the new technique.

I was intrigued by this paper piecing. I decided to try a larger, more difficult block before I forgot what I had learned.

I copied the pattern, taped the 4 pieces together and numbered them all

Then I just cut chunks of fabric that somewhat resembled the shape I needed, turned the pattern to the back side and started sewing

At this point I am not too optimistic. Did you ever see a more sorry-looking block?

I think the pattern should be on the back also. I can't tell where to place the piece to sew it on. I decided to use a pin to push through the front

When turned over you get this little holey line so you know where the fabric needs to end up

After ripping out and resewing 4 or 5 pieces that I still cut too short, I finally ended up with this

I have to say I was surprisingly happy with the outcome.

It didn't take me long, though, to realize that poking a needle through every line was way too time consuming. I finally discovered just folding on the line and that is still how I do it today.

Paper piecing is easy, but I think I would have learned it more quickly if I had a teacher to demonstrate.

I spent many hours during Jan - April of 2006 honing my PP skills.

I made good use of all my teaching blocks. I ended up making 7 pillows, and a 3 throw quilts to decorate my deck.

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