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Friday, April 8, 2011

Taking the Wonkies to the Next Level

I had planned a simple little quilt alternating wonky houses with plain blocks. But I  don't really like that style of quilt. So tonight I decided to experiment with some other layouts and made these two blocks.
I was not sure I liked them and did not want to spend time making more if I was not going to use them. I decided to take a picture of the blocks, crop them to a single block and put them on my computer so I could see if I would like the finished product.  I made multiple copies and moved them around until I came up with this center:
then I brought in some houses and put them all around this center.
I don't like the white polka dot points in the outer corners--too small.

I tried the orange/pink blocks in the corners and I liked those colors much better.

At the moment I think this layout has possibilities.

 I need a couple of the house blocks with the white polka dot fabric so the white points make sense.
Voilal! White polka dot fabric blocks have been added and I removed one center house block on each side because it looked too crowded.
Now let's see how I can make it larger....I don't feel like making a gazillion more wonky houses, so how about just a big border of black fabric with houses in the corners?
Now I don't like the orange/pink corner blocks. I think I should try houses there.

 Poof! Houses appear in the white polka dot fabric to match the center points.
Hmmm...need to think about it for awhile. Maybe the orange should be on the outside corners?
Now I am thinking that both triangles on the outside corners should be pink. It would look like an hour glass shape of pink.  I may try that later. Right now I have to get to work.

Love to hear your thoughts, suggestions if you feel like sharing them.

I will set it all aside for a few days and then take a look with fresh eyes.  It's amazing how I can change my mind after a day or two.


Gypsy Quilter said...

Have you considered framing the house blocks with a thin band of orange that's used in the corner blocks. It might tie things together more easily.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

At first I liked the first picture I came to, then I liked the next one better, and then the next one. Shoot I like them all!
Have a fun weekend.

West Michigan Quilter said...

I think I like the white polka dots points in the corners. Looks great to me. Love what you are doing with this quilt.

Mary-Frances said...

This quilt is fabulous - I love how you are playing with options and having fun - yoohoo! I like the idea of the pink hourglass for the corner blocks. I'm curious to know how you are using your computer to play with your blocks...I'm clearly not techno-savvy!

Zoey said...

Gypsy, Patti also mentioned a small frame around each house yesterday. I think that is a great idea, but it will change the block size from 7 inches to 7.5 inches. So I need to see if that will be a problem.

Patti, thank you.

West MI Quilter, instead of the orange or just in the middle corners?

MF, I am using Microsoft Publisher. It's very easy to pull them around using that.

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful advice!

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