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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Which Witch Block?

Earlier in the week I made a little 4.5-inch witch block. I had to decide what to do with it. I am very comfortable turning little blocks into stars, so that was my first attempt.

I didn't like it a bit. In fact I decided that I didn't like the witch either (hated her purple dress). So I made a second witch block. I liked her much better. I spent a little time trying to design a block around the new witch. Finally I decided on this block. I wanted to frame her in a dark purple, so I marked those with X's and started sewing. After much consideration, I decided to use three different purple fabrics.
At this point I thought I might be lazy and just leave the bottom fabric as full triangles. After a bit more thought, I went back to my original plan and sewed 19 little triangles atop the dark purple to make a straight zig zag line all around.
I am really happy with the outcome.
This block finished at 13.5 inches. If I had a child I would turn this into a trick-or-treat bag. Wouldn't it be cute with the word "Trick" on the top and "Treat" on the bottom in green letters?

I have no children so I am not yet sure what I will do with it. I will need to make more blocks and I am not sure if I have enough of the same fabrics. When I figure out what to do, I will add a finished pic to the bottom of this post.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Red, White, Black Top is Completed

I completed 3 blocks last Friday morning.

Then I went away for the weekend.

After work this afternoon I decided to finish off the ends. It just took a little while to come up with these two pieces.

I debated whether to use black or white on the ends. I chose black.

I am glad I did because now that it's finished, I think it needed the black to ground it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Red, White and Black Block

I've always admired red, white and black quilts. This morning I made this 12-inch block in that color scheme.

My first thought was to make the center flower-like design in red. After a little more thought I decided to make that black (just for a little of the unexpected).

I like it!

I am off to make two more to complete the red design.

This is an easy block. It's number 129.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Finished a UFO Today

I made this little quilt last year. After machine quilting it, I folded it, put it away and promptly forgot about it. I came across it this morning and decided now was the time to make a binding.

It took about two hours while watching some daytime TV to complete the binding.

I am quite happy with how it turned out.

I can't remember which block I used to make it, but I really like the pattern.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Attempt No. 2 with Same Color Scheme

This time I just found a block I thought would be interesting and started sewing. This is the block I chose:

I used the same fabric as in the last post. It's always exciting to finish four blocks so I can
see what the full 12-incher will look like. It took me about an hour to do four of these. Each one has 13 pieces, so the 12-inch finished block will have 52 pieces in it.

Here is one arrangement:

And here is the second:

I will have to make a few more before I decide.

I am happy to report that I made all 4 of these with no errors! The flow of assembly on this block is much more to my liking than the last one.

Project Gone Bad

Most often I pick a block and begin sewing. But sometimes I feel like playing with a puzzle and I take the time to see what the project will look like before I begin. I use Microsoft Publisher to begin my play session.

I have a picture of each block on the CD that came with my Carol Doak books. I copy the block , paste it into a new Publisher page and crop it down to this. (this is block 158 from 300 PP Quilt Blocks)

Then I copy the block I just pasted and paste a bunch of them on my screen.

By moving and rotating them, I play with different configurations until I find one I like.

I liked the bottom one with this block. I really liked the fact that I could cut off the ends and end up with the triangle that I so love to end my runners.

Last night I decided to begin this project. I spent a little time considering colors, made my first block.

As soon as I turned it over I realized that I had messed up the colors. It's so easy to do when paper-piecing. I figured out what colors should be changed and wrote on the blocks. Then I made block #2.
This one turned out pretty good, except for the green triangle that I cut a tad short on one corner.
By now I was pretty discouraged overall and decided that I did not want to make any more of these (I would need 13 more).
Even though I really like the color scheme, I chucked the whole project.
Some evenings just are not meant for paper-piecing.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I Love Table Runners

As you may have noticed, I love making table runners. I should call this the table runner blog.

I get almost instant gratification from making runners. I can finish one and have a table set using it within a week's time.

I recently made three runners and I have already used them all.

Today I thought I would show you the table that I did with each runner.

This runner is called Fruit Salad Among the Stars. I did this table over the weekend.

I call this one Citrus Punch.

And here is its table.

I just refer to this as the black and white runner.


Right now I am working on chair backs to use up the extra bitthday blocks I made. My Mom's birthday is the end of May so I will do a birthday table then.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I made the decision without your Help

Since nobody offered an opinion on my last post, I had to make the decision myself.
That's O.K. because it's my table runner so I am probably going to do what I want to anyway.

I decided that I did not like the double row of gifts so I eliminated the bottom row. I did add a 3-inch border after the gift row so that the runner would finish at 12 inches high. I find that to be a good size for my table.

I had thought that this time I would leave a square edge. But when I got to this point, I decided that it would be worth the effort to design a triangular end. I just can't get over the feeling that the runner looks unfinished if it is left square.

I came up with this:
It incorporates the fabric used in many of the bows as well as the background fabric and the solid green of some of the letters.

Here is the finished runner. I know it's pretty small, so go ahead and click on it to make it big enough to see.
I am happy with it.

Now I just need to add the backing and enough quilting to hold it all together.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Still Working on the Birthday Banner

I got quite a bit done considering I was not home for most of the weekend.

So far I have 12 gift blocks and 8 alpabet blocks.

I am now wondering if I should use just one section of gift blocks with the Happy Birthday words on the top. I am thinking the double row of gift blocks is too busy.
If you want to give your opinion, please do!
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