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Saturday, February 10, 2007

3-inch Bloicks

I made a few different 3" inch blocks after work each night last week. This morning I had quite a sizable stack and decided to see what I could make from them. It's like a jigsaw puzzle fitting these pieces into a larger block. You never know just what it will look like until you get done.

This is what most of that stack morphed into:

Isn't it just amazing how tiny little blocks of fabric turn into larger designs? Do you see how the little bits of blue make another star when their centers join? I've been doing this for years and yet I am still amazed when I see the outcome.

Unfortunately I am running out of the light green background fabric. I will have to decide whether to continue with the stars with a different background or just make 9 stars for the center and something else for the rest.

I am leaning toward changing the background fabric to a slightly darker green and maybe even a third green, so that it will look as though I planned for the color to gradually get darker from the center outward.

So far I am liking this one enough to spend time to make a king sized quilt for my bed. I don't have a star quilt yet.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Snowman Quilt Update

I added the latest border to the top of Let It Snow (which I have named this quilt) and I really wanted a picture of this stage. So I put the battery back in the camera and gave it a try. Voila!

So here is where I am with the quilt:

I worked all last week during the evenings on the three bottom snowmen.

Now I just need to add a bit more - maybe a foot all around and it will be big enough for a good blankie to wrap up in to watch TV. I like them big enough to really snuggle into so no part of my body is exposed to the cold winter indoor temperatures when I lie down to watch TV. I have no idea yet what that last border pattern will end up as. I can see I really need the blue/white stripe on the bottom. I hope I have some of that left!

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