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Thursday, April 21, 2011

$40.50 for this? and New Wonky Quilt Corners

Are you noticing the price of sewing supplies going up?  A few weeks ago I bought 4 spools of thread and 4 packages of needles and it was $40.50!

Over $8 each for the larger spools of thread. Why does Washington keep saying there is no inflation? I guess they don't sew.

On to my project...I made some new corners for the wonky house quilt. Here is one of them:
Here it is in the corner:
Here are all four:

So far I have only sewn the middle section, so I can still make changes.  What do you think? Do these corners work?


Mary-Frances said...

I think they do, Zoey. The orange pulls out the orange from the center block and balances the composition without overwhelming and detracting from your house blocks. What's next??

Glynis said...

Not sure - the eye seems to jump from the centre of your quilt straight to the orange strips in the corner blocks, perhaps we need to look at narrower orange strips before we decide lol :)

Zoey said...

MF, that is what I was hoping they would do.

Glynis, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving this comment. I have not sewn them together yet, as I am planning to make some alphabet letters saying, Home Sweet Home. Until then I can't really tell. I will certainly take you comment into consideration. Thanks, again.

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