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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Making Progress on the Denim Bag and Poor Service from Charter Cable

I have been home from work for over 3 hours and Charter cable TV has been out since I got home-- who knows when it actually went out. So far at least 3 hours--I am not very happy with Charter cable TV--every time it rains hard, snows hard, or we have high winds--it goes out. One might think that Charter would remove that day from one's bill--HA! Never have I seen any reduction in my bill due to their outages. Very poor customer service! If you have options where you live, Don't take Charter!

Since I cannot watch any TV, I have been sewing. I made an identical back for the denim/vinyl bag and added denim gussets:

So far I have no "shaggy" bag components.   I think I may add some to the side gussets and then to the strap.  I will sew this leg seam to the sides and then cut it at 1/4-inch intervals to make it ravel.
People seem to like the "shaggy" aspects of these bags.  That is fine with me because it is so much easier to make a shaggy strap to flop over one's shoulder.

I still have to make the lining, which is just like making a second bag--slightly more work because I have to add snaps to the top.

I probably won't finish this bag until next week because tomorrow night I have to clean out this room for carpet cleaning.  I just hope I remember where I put all of the elements I need to complete this one!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Had the Urge to Create after Work Today

So I made one four-inch block with denim and black vinyl.

Then I made two blocks:
and before long I had 4 blocks... I see a new blue jean/with-vinyl-accents purse in my near future!

Not too happy with the bottom seam...but it will stay. I think I can embellish this once it is done to hide that sloppy sewing. This measures 8 inches, so I will probably add a border to make it a tad larger....As I like to do, I have no plans, so who knows what it will end up as! 

Stay tuned..........I will post a picture when I finish it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Shaggy Bluejeans Bag

Last weekend, I spent about six hours making a Halloween shaggy bag.

 This side has a pumpkin. I have used this same pumpkin last year for a table runner. Some of you may remember it.

It is on my dining room table right now.

The other side of the bag has a witch.
Here is a close up:
I have also made a table runner from this same witch block.
I think this will be a fun bag to use during the week of Halloween. For most people it would be way too costly to buy a handmade bag just to use for a week each year. But for those of us who sew, our only cost is a  few hours of our time...most  of which we find  quite pleasurable.

I plan to carry this bag on a Halloween weekend getaway.  Fun, fun, fun!

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