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Friday, May 15, 2009

Project Gone Bad

Most often I pick a block and begin sewing. But sometimes I feel like playing with a puzzle and I take the time to see what the project will look like before I begin. I use Microsoft Publisher to begin my play session.

I have a picture of each block on the CD that came with my Carol Doak books. I copy the block , paste it into a new Publisher page and crop it down to this. (this is block 158 from 300 PP Quilt Blocks)

Then I copy the block I just pasted and paste a bunch of them on my screen.

By moving and rotating them, I play with different configurations until I find one I like.

I liked the bottom one with this block. I really liked the fact that I could cut off the ends and end up with the triangle that I so love to end my runners.

Last night I decided to begin this project. I spent a little time considering colors, made my first block.

As soon as I turned it over I realized that I had messed up the colors. It's so easy to do when paper-piecing. I figured out what colors should be changed and wrote on the blocks. Then I made block #2.
This one turned out pretty good, except for the green triangle that I cut a tad short on one corner.
By now I was pretty discouraged overall and decided that I did not want to make any more of these (I would need 13 more).
Even though I really like the color scheme, I chucked the whole project.
Some evenings just are not meant for paper-piecing.

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