Attempt No. 2 with Same Color Scheme

This time I just found a block I thought would be interesting and started sewing. This is the block I chose:

I used the same fabric as in the last post. It's always exciting to finish four blocks so I can
see what the full 12-incher will look like. It took me about an hour to do four of these. Each one has 13 pieces, so the 12-inch finished block will have 52 pieces in it.

Here is one arrangement:

And here is the second:

I will have to make a few more before I decide.

I am happy to report that I made all 4 of these with no errors! The flow of assembly on this block is much more to my liking than the last one.


Heather said…
the blocks turned out real well. nice to see both arrangements.
Gayle said…
Wow! This is a great block. I love your fabric choices.