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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quilt Decor

I was off for a few days last month. During that time,  I finally put the binding on my pink star quilt. I put this on with the sewing machine and I am pretty content with how it turned out.
I made this one to match my living room sofa and love seat. It was a very detailed star quilt with the tiny center star being an exact replica of the large star around it. I almost cried after I ruined it by machine quilting it. I am a terrible machine quilter! After it sat unused for over a year, I finally came up with idea to add a second backing and add ties to hold it together. That worked wonderfully to hide the hideous machine quilting on the back. I am now happy that I can display this one without shame.

My next quilt to finish will be this green double star quilt:

 I plan to hand quilt this one, so I had better get busy as it will take quite some time just to remove the paper  backing. Any of you familiar with foundation piecing will wince when you see this:
Yes, tiny little 3-inch blocks with 5 to 9 teeny pieces of paper on each that I need to remove. I have decided to spend 15 minutes each morning before leaving for work standing at the kitchen counter with the garbage container at my side as I pick each piece off.  

Yesterday morning I worked on this section:

I finished this much yesterday in 15 minutes:

The paper does come off easily, but it will still take a bit of time before I am able to sandwich it and begin quilting.


Fiesta said...

Zory, I am so glad to see u blogging again. The quilt is fabulous!

Pirate said...

Regarding paper piecing: ouch. Been there/done that. And *then* I was introduced to freezer paper piecing. It's the same precision as with standard paper piecing but you do NOT sew through the freezer paper. Instead, the freezer paper is rather like a sticky note; you iron a section to your fabric, fold back the freezer paper to expose the seamline then sew *beside* the freezer paper. Flip the freezer paper over the seamline and iron it to the newly sewn section. Repeat, repeat, repeat. When you are done with the piece, you simply PEEL the freezer paper template off to be *reused*! You never, ever, ever have to tear paper foundations again! You can Google for the procedure, but I do have a tutorial on my webpage at It is the ONLY way I do paper piecing these days, including Mariner's Compass blocks! It is simply the most awesome technique. :-)

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Removing my paper is usually therapy for my mother! she loves it.
I use tracing paper. go to Hobby Lobby with your 40% off coupon, in the children's art department buy tracing paper. Cut it down to 8 1/2 by 11 and run it through your printer. It's much thinner than regular paper.
Your works are beautiful!

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