Bastezipora has been giving me Headaches all Morning!

But she is finally done and I now have a quilting fairy godmother.  I took her outside to get the true colors.

Do you think she will watch over me so the next one I make is less frustrating? LOL. 

I really wanted one with glasses and eyeballs, so I will probably try a variation some time later.

Has anybody else made their godmother?

This is not an easy block! I am pretty experienced at paper piecing and I had tons of trouble with Bastezipora. I picked out numerous times on every unit. I put the nose unit on upside down and then I thought I had the wrong color in one tiny section, so I remade the whole unit only to find out I had it correct the first time!

Just for fun I gave her a few moles that were not on the pattern. I think I will embellish them with embroidery floss to look like hairs growing out.

If you want to try it, visit  Here is the pattern page.  Amazingly it's free for a short time longer. This lady puts a ton of time into making free patterns for us to enjoy.  Thank you so much for this fun pattern.