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Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Finished the Altered Fabric Project

I sat outside on my deck tying green beads to the fabric. I used Fray Check to make sure they would not fall off.
Do you have any idea what I made?

I used that fabric to make a handbag to go with this blue shirt:

After finishing it, I wondered if I had other outfits that I could use the handbag for.  I spent less than 5 minutes going through my closet and I found two more.  How about green and brown?

Then I found this evergreen-colored undershirt and this light green over shirt. I think it's the best yet.
When I finished this handbag, I was thinking that I would not be using it very often.  But after a very quick look though my closet,  I now feel certain that I will get quite a lot of use from this unique handbag!

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