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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Animal Print Blocks Finished

These little blocks took longer to sew than I expected. I had to sew 48 black leopard stripes, 32 cheetah, and 16 zebra.  I found it boring sewing 16 of the exact same blocks.  The wonky cabins were much more fun because it was interesting to see how each one turned out.

So what did I do with these blocks....

Well, I am not exactly finished. I still need to sandwich, quilt and bind.

 They could be a table runner or a table center mat....
but they are not either.

 I went through all this work to make these:

 placemats for my new Mikasa leopard dishes.  All that work and you can only see about a half inch on each side!
Last night I did a pink and leopard table so I just used that to try out the mats. I probably would not use these mats with the pink, but it still gives me a good idea of how they will work.

My goal for today is to get them sandwiched. I will work on the quilting and binding during the week.


Fiesta said...

Zoey your blocks are table scaping are outstanding! Please tell me you do not own so many dishes???

Heather said...

Your table looks absolutely wonderful.

Its All About Creating said...

Breathtaking! I stopped scrolling and said, "Wow, that's gorgeous!" I love the pink with it....perfect balance. What a table! You should be so proud. Could go on and on, but I think you get that I love it! -Marlene


Hey, Zoie, I just love animal print and you are the Queen of it! Thank you for dropping by and for the lovely comment.

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