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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cupcake Towel

This was a fun one to  make. Who does not like cupcakes, especially without the calories!  I played around with chocolate and strawberry frosting until I finally decided on the pink color scheme.
I like how this turned out, but I think I could have used a better fabric for the ruffle. This fabric happened to be in the same room where I was sewing and I thought it worked well enough to save me from going down to the basement at 6:00a.m. to find a different fabric.  In a perfect world I would have had a pink fabric with red cherries on my sewing room shelf.

I used Wonder-Under web adhesive instead of pins to hold the cupcakes while I sewed. It worked much, much better than pins.

I also fussy cut the top layer from this fabric, which I think added a little something to the cupcake.

I spaced the cupcakes so the towel could be displayed folded in thirds as well as fully opened.

I used this  free pattern from as my starting point, then changed it to meet my needs of a higher cupcake.

This was a super fun project. I think it would make a cute gift to go along with a dozen cupcakes to give a friend for Valentine's day or any other occasion.

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