Cardinal Paper Pieced Quilt Block is Finished

I just started it last night and it's already finished -- I did not time it, but I would guess it took a good three hours total. I was pretty happy with this. It seemed like I had no big boo boos.  Then as I was removing the back paper, I found two mistakes.  I could just feel my face fall as I spotted a sewing line (and then a second one) that had no stitches--ARRRRRGGGGGG. That is not a good feeling when you have a block completed.

I am missing one green leaf and the dark pine cone top left edge should have been medium brown, not that dark brown. Now I will have to make another one to get it right.

The mistakes are not really that major. The beauty of pine branches is that they are all different, right? :)

  I have no idea what I will end up doing with it.  Right now it's going on the stack of the other winter/Christmas blocks I finished the past few weeks.  This block finishes at 12 x 12 inches. It might make a nice winter pillow for a sofa.

This is another one of the five patterns I recently purchased at Paper Panache.  Now I have just two left to make.  I am not sure when the mood will strike to make another one.


Anya said…
I don't think the "mistakes" are noticeable at all! Looks lovely!
Marlene Brady said…
I was scrolling through my google reader and when your cardinal entered my screen I abrubtly stopped and thought, "How beautiful!". I loved the snow on the branch and the acorns. I just love this piece. Sometimes we are meant to go where our creative spirit is taking us and experience the act of embracing it.
OMG it's gorgeous, you can't tell there is a mistake, absoultely beautiful
Heather said…
Great job. Love that snow on the branches.
Chris said…
Your cardinal is beautiful! I made a wall hanging with cardinals last winter. One year later even I can't see the "mistakes." Nice job!
Dianne said…
This is so pretty! I love Cardinals. You finished it up quickly.
Unknown said…
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