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Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Have Had a Very Productive 2011

at least so far!

Look at all the blocks I have completed!

These are the ones I like.

I also completed a few duds:

I had high expectations for these tea cup blocks.  I thought they would be great in turquoise and black....such an "in" color combo....................unfortunately I did not like them at all.

I ended up turning the first tea cup  into a pot holder/trivet. 
That's what I do with all the dud blocks I make.
So far I have not done anything with the second tea cup.  Eventually it, too, will be a hot pad.

What do you do with your duds?


Fiesta said...

Zoey, how have you been? I miss reading your blog. I so love the winter blocks. Is there a pattern name or did you design this one? I hope all is well.

Heather said...

I toss them in the box and put it away. When I finally face them, I'll probably take them to guild and give them away.

Mary-Frances said...

Zoey you have been busy sewing this year. Bravo on all the fab blocks you've made so far.

Chris said...

Beautiful work! The winter blocks are beautiful. I think your dud teacup block is adorable when centered in a star. That will make a nice gift in the future! I have a few dud blocks in my possession. So far they are just awaiting inspiration of some kind.

Quilter Kathy said... have already accomplished so much! Great job!

arlene laglamme said...

your work is beacutiful! can we purchase your pattern?

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