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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm in the Mood to Sew Again

So I printed out a foundation (4 of them),

and pulled some fabric.

Then began sewing. Here is one quarter of the block.

And here is the finished 15-inch block.

I like it, but have no idea what I will end up making from this.

I put it aside, went down to the basement and pulled out a box of extra log cabin blocks to see if I would be inspired to make something to use them up.
I found twelve that I could use as a frame around something.
I will remove those two light greenish blue strips and put in a darker strip.
Now I just need to come up with something to put in the center. I am thinking that a big old rusty-colored barn would be nice. I need something large - 22 inches square, I think. I will spend a few days trying to come up with something before I put all the blocks back in the box and haul them back downstairs.

Here is the quilt that some of these blocks were leftover from.

I had it outside airing out before putting it away for the summer.

1 comment:

Fiesta said...

Zoey it is stunning. You could make a table topper. Is there a pattern available for that one? I would love to make a spring table topper in that design.

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