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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Red Polka Dot Binding to the Rescue!

After using one of my quilted handbags, I decided it needed some redesigning. It had one magnetic closure at the top middle and that was not enough to keep everything inside.

So I decided to add two more magnetic clasps.

Then I had quite a problem.

How was I going to cover the exposed metal?

My immediate idea was to make a fabric flower, but I didn't have any of the red/gold striped fabric and I used my last button cover last week. None of the red fabric in my sewing room seemed to work. Then I opened my little drawer full of bias binding and look what was right on top...
I must admit I was happy to have found something that was all ready for me to gather. I just cut four pieces and hemmed one end and gathered the other.

Then I rummaged around for something to use for the middle. Imagine my surprise when I pulled a bag full of button covers from another drawer!
I bought them in May of '09 and forgot I had them. I do love when I am surprised by things like this.

I made four buttons of the same fabric as the button already on the handbag. Then I got out the hot glue gun and attached two to the front and two to the back.

I would have preferred to have used the same red fabric as that already in the bag, but I think the red polka dots work OK and I am so much happier because now the bag stays shut!
Now I wonder if I need one more flower right smack in the middle at the bottom. What do you think - would another flower be too much?


Fiesta said...

It looks great as is but if you do add a flower put it on the side of the bottom row.
I struggle with those magnetic closures. Any secrets to it?

JKP said...

I think it looks marvelous. If you put one in the middle it will actually look like a red polka dot flower with a red striped stem and leaves.

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