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Friday, March 5, 2010

Plum Purple and Green Handbag

I decided to wait to do the Safari bag until the jacket arrives. I want to be sure the colors are correct. So tonight I went through my closet to find something to match up with a new bag.

Last month I bought this faux chamois plum purple jacket.

Instead of a white shirt (dull, boring), I teamed it up with a bright green shell and I decided that a purple/green bag would be fun. I rummaged through my stash before leaving for work this morning and found the fabrics you see on top of the jacket. I think the purples lend a definite bling factor!

I added a black heavy cotton fabric for the base of the bag. It's the same fabric as the pants I wear almost every day. In fact, it's a worn out pair of pants that I cut the legs off because that part of the fabric was still in good shape. So far I have made only the pieced colored portion of the bag.

That bling fabric is not the easiest stuff to sew. Give me 100% cotton to work with any day! I am not exactly sure where I will go from here. I will set it aside for tonight and figure out the next step later this weekend.

I hope everyone (includig me!) has a productive weekend.

Happy Sewing!


Jackie said...

Your bags are adorable! My fav is the one you posted about on the 25th. Really smart ideas to re-purposed pieces of jeans.

replica bag said...

Yeah. I agree with you Jackie. Her bag collections are fantastic. Very lovely and elegant. I love it!

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