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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Made a Big Mistake and Cleaned My Sewing Room

....before I finished my latest handbag.

Now I am totally unmotivated to finish it because the room is too clean!

There are no threads on the floor. The entire pile of recently-used fabric had been picked up off the floor, folded and put away.

It feels so good to be able to walk from that room and not drag thread all over the rest of the house. I could not bring myself to sew one single stitch in the past two days.

I think I will wait another day or two before I mess it all up again.

While cleaning out the room, I pulled my recently-purchased tote bags/handbags from the closet. These are the bags I have purchased since December and not yet used. (I will use them this spring and summer when I have no overcoat to hide the clothing that I will match them up with. During the winter, there is no sense matching to anything but my coats)

Actually I found two more after taking this picture.
Add to these the 5 I made in the last two months,

Holy smokes. I am being overrun by totes and handbags!

I am overloaded with table runners and quilts and potholders... Now handbags.....what can I make now to feed my need to create?


Quilt Rat said...

isn't interesting how differently we each respond to our work/space sewing environment? I know that for me, nothing makes me MORE motivated to get busy than a clean organized space.
Great bags by the way!

Fiesta said...

make some stitcheries Zoey, they seem to be the latest craze. I love your bags. U have 2 on the cutting boards but I am still procrastinating.

Heather said...

you mean their might be actual flooring underneath all that fabric on my sewing room floor? Wonder what colour and texture it might be???

Quilter Kathy said...

I think you need to open a boutique of quilty items!

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