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Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am Having Such Fun with These Bags

I am finding it very rewarding to make bags to match individual outfits. I have not actually used any yet, but they are fun to design and sew. They are not the kind of bags I would take to work, but I think I will have a ball using them for my leisure activities this spring/summer.

I ordered a safari print jacket this week. It has not arrived yet, but I printed its picture and began searching my stash to see what I could find to make a coordinating handbag.

I found all of this stuff that I think will work--animal print fabric, leather, black bead trim
and even a black boa! I just might run that around the top of the bag. I even have handles that are perfect - black and bronze beads.

So far I have only been looking for items to use -- I have not even begun to make the bag. I'm still in the mental designing mode. I probably should wait until the jacket arrives before going further. Sometimes the colors are quite different when I get the jacket than they looked on my monitor.

So far this week I have made two bags and have all the materials to make #3 and I have not had to go out and buy a single thing! I love using up my stashed items--especially all those handles I bought last fall when Joanne's had a 50% off sale. I have almost used them all up. I hope they have another sale soon!

1 comment:

bettyp said...

Your having so much fun!!Love the jacket and the bag will be a big hit!!

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