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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am Back to Sewing and a Thread-Covered Floor

My mother-in-law called last night to ask some questions about a little trivet I gave her last month.

She wanted to make some and send them to my sister-in-law in Colorado.

She just loved the pattern of the one I had given her.

As it happened, I had two more of them already made up. She kept protesting that she had not called to get more, and I kept telling here I was thrilled to be able to give them to her.

I made up two more for my MIL since she would be giving hers to SIL.

It was fun to try out different stitches. I don't worry much about perfection in these. They will be ruined in a short time anyway, if they actually use them, as I hope they do.

Remember those wild red blocks I made a few weeks back? I decided I did not want to continue on for a table runner, so I stuck them in the pot holder box. Here they are all made into a sizeable trivet to protect counters from hot dishes.

I found another orphan block in the box and made it up, too.

My MIL is thrilled to have handmade items. I am not sure which ones she will send to SIL and which she will keep. She loves red, so I think she will like them all.


Fiesta said...

Zoey they are great!

SallyC said...

They are all so pretty.

JKP said...

These are great. I only just (like in the last couple of weeks)took up sewing. It was a way to deal with the stress of having my husband and daughter out of the country and my son laid up from surgery. The first things I made were little potholder/trivets. Purple and green! I love them and now try to find time everyday for a little sewing.

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