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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Only One Piece Left to the Puzzle

Thank you all so much for your votes on the layout. It was an overwhelming majority for this one:

So last night I made all the 3-inch blocks for the sides, which took only about an hour because this layout eliminated 4 pieces per 3-inch block, or about 112 total pieces. Yah! I am so glad everyone picked this layout!

As you can see, I am just one piece short of completing this puzzle. Piecing quilts is just like doing a giant jigsaw puzzle, don't you think?

After looking at this on my screen, I think I need to finish off those half squares. That will leave blank squares all along the outside to relieve the eye, as Heather mentioned in her comment (and I agree, it needs that). Of course the eye relief will be at the beginning, which isn't exactly where it should be, but it would also work as a break between designs if I continue to add to this quilt. It would also give me a nice empty space to hand quilt something interesting, as Peggy mentioned. I hope I have enough fabric to do so.

I don't even know what I am going to do with this. It started as a baby quilt, but it took way too much time to make all these blocks, so I think it will be something that I can use... maybe a table topper....or the center of a king-size bed quilt...I never know what I will end up with when I start a project!


Jackie said...

I really love your quilt and the layout is wonderful!

Chris said...

Its coming along beautifully!

SallyC said...

Really like the idea of a table topper or the center of a kin size bed quilt. Hope you will show us when it's all finished.

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