Need Your Help One More Time Please

I spent quite a lot of time this morning finishing the blocks for this quilt. I have now completed all 196 3-inch blocks.

I did indeed decide to finish off the squares on the edges. But now I don't know if I like this finish, or

this one with the colored squares that tie in the center stars.
I did the colored ones first and thought it was great. Then I decided to cut lighter blocks just to see what that would look like (it was the original way I had planned). My first thought was that it was way too blah.....but now I just don't know!

So I am hoping to get a dozen or so of you to give me your opinion while I work at sewing all these little blocks together. It's taking me quite some time because I have this out on the living room floor and I have to take six pinned pieces at a time down the hall to my sewing room, sew them, then put them back in place to make sure I am sewing the correct blocks together.

I am really hoping to get this sewn together by tomorrow night. So please, if you have a moment, let me know which border you would go with. I would appreciate it so much!


I definetly would go with the pinky orange just sets the whole quilt off and makes a great frame.
Dayna said…
I like the lighter blocks. Kind of frames the quilt center.
Anonymous said…
I like the lighter blocks, too--for me, the darker blocks are distracting from all that amazing piecing you've done. Beautiful work! (And I don't mean to be anonymous--it just seems to be the only way I can post a comment.)
mattsmom499 said…
I like the pop of color. Add the pink orange blocks. Congrats on making nearly 200 blocks, I would have gotten bored at 20.
Edna said…
I think I would go with the darker squares. To me, it adds more movement and really brings out the colors within the quilt.
Michele said…
I with Anonymous upthread and choose the lighter squares. When I enlarge the pic, I can't see any connection between those squares and anything going on in the quilt. Was that a striped fabric? I can see where there is a teeny bit of in the center stars. To me, those squares are totally distracting. Perhaps as a small inner border around the whole thing. But now they're just square blobs plopped in there when everything is all thin and pointy.

Kudos on finishing all those blocks. What's the plan for the border? Do we get to butt our noses in on that decision also?

D'Anne said…
I love the top one with the lighter colored squares. The bottom one is too busy and takes away from the beautiful quilt. The top one is beautiful!!
Mary said…
I like the lighter border. The darker squares distract the eye. Great pattern and it will be a wonderful quilt no matter which way you choose to go.
Anonymous said…
Hi Zoey,

My vote is for the colored blocks in the border.

Love all the stars,

good luck,

Heather said…
While I love the darker, more colourful squares, I would want to conside what you are doing for a border. if there is lots of colour in the border or even two borders,then I would probably go with the light squares. If the border is going to be light, then add the colour. hmm, more time to play laying our fabric. But its better to check now before sewing (as I have learned).

It's almost like having a quilting class when i read the above comments/disscussion. Thanks to everyone for chipping in.
Diana LaMarre said…
I just took a break from my Sunday housework/cleaning (every now and then I do have to stop sewing to get some work done!). I thought I would check in to see which border you all liked. I was pretty sure it was going to be the light ones as they were leading this morning.

Now, if my quick check is correct, it's a tie! LOL.

Some of you are asking about a border. I have no idea at the moment what I will do. To be honest I was thinking I might stop right here. . . just add a binding and call it good.

I will have to see once I get all these little blocks sewn together. I am not going to make my goal of finishing today because I have to go to a birthday party in one hour. I still have the top 4 blocks to sew together.

Come on lurkers, please break the tie!
I like the top picture. I'd then put a narrow black border and a wider white border and bind it in black.
I love your paper pieced!
SallyC said…
Definitely the second one!
Dianne said…
Too hard to chose! Very lovely!