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Friday, February 19, 2010

Deck Quilts Collage

About this time of the year I begin thinking about making quilts for the deck. Of course, warmth is not needed in the summer, but big blasts of color is. So I made chair backs and lots of pillows to toss on all the white furniture.

I have already made two different color schemes and I have tons of fun decorating the deck with them.

After looking through previous year's pics (to remember what colors I had), I decided that both sets are still in pristine condition, so I won't make a new set this year. That left me with no new project.

It looked like I might go two nights in a row without sewing anything. .. but I got a little fidgety.... I glanced over and saw a pattern I printed some time ago from
Hmmm, it doesn't look like much, but I am curious to see it made up.

So I grabbed it, cut it out and picked up this bag of recent scraps (still sitting on the floor under the ironing board).

In about one hour, I had a cute chicken pot holder.

I even tried out a new stitch on my machine
to use instead of quilting to hold it in place. Then I used a second stitch to machine sew the binding on. I need more work on that, so I will probably make another one tonight to practice.

It was a quick fun project.


Anonymous said...

Well done! I like the stitching around the wing.

Judy said...

I love the idea of quilts and pillows outside and we have a wonderful big porch where I have some wicker chairs and an old
1950's glider. I find that anything I put out there mildew
and musty. What do you do to keep
that from happening? I only use
old shabby chic looking things I've found at thrift shops. I'm
not brave enough to put anything I've made out there. Thank you.

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