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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Still Experimenting with the Wacky Logs

I wanted to try red and to time the process.

It took two hours to make the four blocks. There are 21 pieces in each 7-inch block. That's 84 pieces in each 14 inch block. That's a lot of pieces! I was thinking that I could do all different colors of blocks in the same quilt to use up scraps.

But after trying just these two together, I have changed my mind.

YUCK! I don't like the mixture at all. It's back to the drawing board for just the right project for this pattern.
Update: I think if I stick to the same color family and use the exact same light color fabric throughout, that may work. I will try another blue next. I want to be able to use up some scraps rather than new fabrics, but I may have to rip into the new stuff if I decide to make anything of size.
I also worked on the tree skirt blocks and have this much done:

I had to change half of the centers with the gifts to a lighter color because I don't have enough of the dark fabric. I don't really care for the light centers, but I have no choice since there is no more of that fabric. I have decided not to sew all the blocks together until I am finished piecing because I may run out of other fabric, too. It will be much easier to change if I don't have it all sewn together.

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