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Friday, January 8, 2010

Slow Progress on the Tree Skirt and a New Project

I have not had much free time this week, so I am very glad the weekend is here. I have only spent a few 20-minute blocks of time on my tree skirt. I have pieced enough for 2 15-inch blocks. I need 10 more.

This will be a long project, but there is no hurry.

I still have 11 months before I need to use it.

I get bored piecing the same thing every day, so I decided to start another project. I want to use up scraps, so I picked this wacky log cabin block.
I have no idea what colors to use. I want sections of color, not just hodge podge. I colored in a couple of blocks with the markers I had in front of me to give me an idea for color placement.

I think I will make 4 blocks to what arrangements I can make with these blocks of color. I am thinking strong color contrasts. Maybe aqua, black and white? hmmmmmmm....has anyone ever made this pattern? I would love ideas on the color placement.

1 comment:

Fiesta said...

Zoey, I think its so cool how you design your own things. Your tree skirt is going to be fabulous.

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