I Made a Lot of Table Runners in '09

Wow! After a quick file search, I came up with all of these:

I am pretty sure there are a few more that I missed.

Can you believe that I didn't even know how to make table runners until November of 2005? I read a post from another blogger, Calidore in Australia, and it lead me to a free pattern on the web. Click here if you want to read that post and see the runner. The free pattern is still there.

Calidore, look what you created with that post! LOL. I am now a table runner addict.
These are only the ones I made last year. I also made plenty in the four previous years. I love making them because I can start and finish the project in just a few days.


Chris said…
I love your use of color. Very nice!
Heather said…
NOw how can you possibly top that in 2010???
Diana LaMarre said…
Hi Chris, Thank you!

Heather, I do not even want to try! I now have three bins full of table runners. It's time to slow down!