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Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Bought My First Jelly Roll

How long have they been around?

I don't usually go for gimmicks like this, but today I was at Joanne Fabrics and something about this little bundle of pink and brown jumped out at me....perhaps it was the 50% coupon I wanted to use??? LOL.

Anyway I am now the owner of this jelly roll.

I had no idea what a jelly roll was. This one had the price tag covering the amount of strips. After I removed it, I was surprised to learn that it was only 20 strips (2.5inches x 42 inches). It does not sound like there's enough fabric to make much of anything. Hmmmmmmmm....

I cut the ribbon to see what was inside. I must say that was quite exciting! Look at these lucious coordinating fabrics. I do love the harlequin print on the top.

I see the allure now. It's like buying a scratch off lottery ticket and finding that you have a $10 winner. Great fun! These strips will be great for paper piecing. I can't wait to make something from these fabrics.


mattsmom499 said...

I have the same one! I will follow your lead on the PP side.

sparkle jars said...

Oooh! I love jelly rolls and this one is wonderful!

Heather said...

We went to dinner tonight for a friend who's daughter turned three. The birthday cake had choclate frosting with pink decorations. It got me thinking how pretty they would look in a quilt, and low and behold you show the very same colours in your new fabrics.

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