I've Decided to Abandon the Tree Skirt Project

............sort of. I have made about half of the 64 blocks that
I would need and am not enthused about making 32 more.

So I am going to stop now. This won't be a UFO.

Oh, no, I plan to finish the project today.

They are going to become chair backs to tie in the tree color throughout the family room.

This is where the tree is in relation to the chairs.

The garland on the entertainment center has a lot of big bronze poinsettias.

Right now I have decided I like the fabric I am already using as a tree skirt.
Heather had a great idea to use them as tree "scarves"....I can just tuck them among the gift packages if I feel like I want a color punch under the tree.

I can also use them as table runners.
I can put them end to end and make an 8-ft. long runner--Cool! I've never had a table runner that long before.

Now that I have freed up a big chunk of time, I can begin reading the book I just picked up at the library.
I have had it on hold since the week before Thanksgiving and it finally arrived. I hope it's good because I do love to get engrossed in a Christmas quilting novel.

Last week Anya posted about seeing Julie and Julia. I then remembered that it was out on DVD, so I had DH pick it up and last night we watched and enjoyed it. Thanks, Anya, for reminding me that I needed to get this movie.


Anya said…
Your former tree skirt looks great. Love the colors.

Glad you liked the movie...it's very enjoyable.
I Love those color combinations. Rather you use them as a tree skirt, chair backs or table runners. They all would look beautiful in your room. Maybe make them all? LOl

Thanks for all the shout outs. Good Luck on the drawings.
Myra said…
Lovely decor for Christmas!!! 8-)

Your tree-skirt/table-runner is great! Love the color combo!!! Very rich looking!

Enjoy your book! And thank for the library reminder! I think I have books that need to go back before Christmas... 8-)
Gorgeous blue-themed Christmas! And the "unfinished tree skirt" does wonderfully well as any number of other objects around the room! It kind've reminds me of stained glass, and just looks wonderful, no matter how you use it!