Cardinal Bird Table Runner

On Christmas Eve morning, I came across these two 12-inch cardinal blocks that I completed some time ago. I decided it was time to do something with them.

If I made just one center block and two triangle ends, I could have a table runner. I started on the center block that very morning.

I really just wanted to get this one done, so I made it very simple. The center block will be covered with a centerpiece when it's on the table anyway.

Throughout the holiday I worked on it when I had a spare hour between cooking, etc.

Sunday I made the binding and spent a couple of hours sewing it to the back by hand.
I put a cardinal bird on each triangular end.

And now I have one less UFO.

   Here is the table I set with this runner:


Heather said…
I agree totally about the central block. It is going to be covered. Looks very nice.
Just perfect! I love what you did with this pattern, which I admired when I saw it on your blog a while back. It makes the perfect table runner!
Diana LaMarre said…
Heather, I wish I had found those blocka a few weeks ago. I could have gotten in your UFO challengo!

Tile Lady, thank you very much. I might make an evergreen centerpiece laster today with cardinals in it to see how it all works together.
Quilter Kathy said…
Very nice. I really like cardinals....they might be my favorite bird. I haven't ever seen cardinal fabric before....will have to keep my eyes open for some.