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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I made a Bag--REALLY I did!

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you know that I buy quite a few tote /handbag patterns, but I never make any bags.

I think it's some sort of compulsive disorder.

Last night I pulled out this pattern.

I was inspired by this bag -- it's the size of a handbag-- not a tote bag--but I thought it would work with the current star blocks I have been making.

I find my inspiration pieces very interesting because what I make never turns out to look a thing like what I was inspired by.

This bag is no exception.

The front and back are two different stars:

It doesn't look a thing like that pattern, does it? LOL.

Here is the lining:

I sewed little loops on the ends to attach the shoulder bag strap:

I think this bag makes a perfect gift bag, too.

Here is the runner whose scraps I used for the bag:

Don't you think that bag would be perfect as a gift bag for the runner?

I thought it would, so I rolled the runner in some tissue paper:

Then stuck it into the bag and fluffed up the tissue paper.

I would attach the gift tag to the loop on the side. The handbag handle is inside the bag.

I am pretty happy with this bag. It's not perfect, but it's a start.

The only thing I needed the pattern for was the bottom piece. I used the front pattern piece to size up the block (I added the striped fabric to make it the correct size) so that the bottom piece would fit.

I think I may be making more handbags. Next time I will make a top that closes because I like my handbag to zip shut.

So far I have made 4 stars from those scraps and I still have some left. I think I probably have enough left for another 2 or 3 star blocks. I am not yet sure what I will do with the rest of the blocks, but you can be assured I will show you as soon as I make something from them.


Anya said...

Great way to wrap a great gift! Nice job.

Fiesta said...

Zoey that bag is just downright gorgeous! Congratulations on finally making a bag and a good one at that!

mattsmom499 said...

Great bag!

betty r said... I find you Zoey:)
Great looking looks perfect to me.
I am just not that great with quilting or any sewing project.

Dianne said...

Love the bag-very functional too. I do like a snap closure or zipper too as I'm good at dumping stuff from my bag. Have fun making more!

Quilter Kathy said...

Very cool bag! I love the browns and teal/blue together.

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