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Friday, November 13, 2009

I Finished the Runner Ends

I just finished the ends of the runner. Before posting, I read Heather's comment on my last post.
If I am reading it correctly, Heather, we had the exact same idea. Here is what I did, which I think is exactly what you suggested.

Because I ran out of blue fabric, I used a combination of blues and browns for the fan.


mattsmom499 said...

Another wonderful job. How much fabric do you buy to make your runners or do you just have a huge stash?
Approx how many 4inch squares do you make?

Sarah said...

Wow! This is stunning. Love the colors and the design. This really makes a statement!

Fiesta said...

Zoey this runner is a piece fart. stunning!

Zoey said...

Thanks, ladies. I really like the colors in this one, too.

The Tile Lady said...

Great colors! They turned out so nice!

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