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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Just Started My Next Project

which was inspired by what's inside this box.

I bought this last February when it was marked down to a price I just could not resist.

Any ideas of what might be in the box?

Well, let me show you.
There are four Christmas dessert plates in the box.

Each rim is slightly different, but all are green, red and white.

I thought it would be nice to make a coordinating table runner.

I really don't want the runner to shout "Christmas!" because then its use would be limited to just one month per year.

If I make something in just the green, red and white colors, but don't use holiday fabrics, then I could use it for other dinners.

I am thinking Italian is the Italian flag: The colors are the same as Christmas colors.

So I picked out these three fabrics:

I found a simple pattern and made a couple of test blocks.

I think this pattern will work.

I originally wanted to make a few pinwheel blocks to echo the pinwheel pattern in the dishes. I am afraid that pinwheels may make it look to holiday-ish, so right now I am at a standstill.

Maybe I will make a pinwheel block or two to test it. If I use the pinwheels I would put them down the middle and use the blocks above on each side.

Decisions, decisions....................

I am reading Jennifer Chiaverini's latest Elmcreek novel.

I am only on page 90. This book continues the saga of Joanna from The Runaway Quilt .

Have any of you read this yet?

I think it is going to be good.

I promised I would show you the witch runner when I used it, so here it is on my table:


Fiesta said...

Zoey what a great runner you have in mind. I actually like the one you have on the table too.

Dianne said...

I think what you made if pretty too. Sometimes we crafters second guess ourselves.

sparkle jars said...

I think the pattern you chose is perfect for the plates. Your table setting is amazing! Love the detail on your chargers. Is that ribbon?

Zoey said...

Hi Fiesta, Dianne and Sparkle Jars,
Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Yes, SJ, that is ribbon on the chargers. I think ribbon is a great inexpensive way to tie in the colors. I just tape it underneath.

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