Finished the Bright Project

I finished the last two 12-inch blocks on the tulip runner last night.

I ran out of the green for the leaves, so I used a darker color for the center section.

I will use a bit of that same dark on the ends to make it look planned.

I left the runner on the floor while I surfed a few blogs. Now and then I glanced over to try to visualize what might work for the ends. I decided to use just a portion of the six-inch foundation – only the tulip head and stem. I thought the big green leaves would be too much.

So I set about sewing two more of the altered foundations.

This is the end result:

Now I think that I should have used the leaves!


Heather said…
wow, that's lovely. I agree, add the leaves at the end flowers.
Betsy said…
Zoey it is lovely . Your choice of colors is so perfect.
mattsmom499 said…
Another wonderful runner, you are truly inspiring me. Though I don't have the great dishes. Here is a quick question. Approximate how much fabric do you buy to make the runners? I am a fq horder and was wondering how many 12inch block I could make out of 5 fq fabric.
Thanks for your insight,
Diana LaMarre said…
I never go out and buy fabric for a runner. I have a pretty good stash and I just go pull out fabrics and start sewing. I almost always buy fabric when it's marked way down....I just got home from Joanne's where I bought 5 yds of $9.99/yd quilting fabric for $3/yd.
I think 5 FQ's would be plenty to make a table runner.