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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baby, You Make My Heart Sing

I had that moment a short time ago. You know when you realize that it all came together even better than you expected and you say, "Yes!" even though nobody else is in the room.

Let's start at the beginning:

I was in the mood to start a new project so I checked my foundation piecing disk to see if anything would enthuse me.

This block looked quick and easy. Maybe too easy, so I decided to play with it a bit on the computer to get a better idea of what it would turn out to be. I put four 4-inch blocks together, then four of those together and it formed this:
I decided I like it and looked around the room to see what fabric I had out on the shelves that would work. I tend to do that a lot -- no planning in advance on the colors; just going with whatever is easiest to grab (vs. going to the basement to rummage through bins).

I came up with three fabrics that I liked together. I decided the background would be orange and the stars would be the print with dark green edges.

I made 4 of the 4-inch foundations and sewed them into this:
I am loving that color combination, but I wonder if I have any dishes that will work with a table runner made in these colors. There is not much sense going to all the work to make a tablerunner if I won't use it. So I stopped right here and went to the kitchen to see what I could find.

Within minutes, I found these:

The combination made my heart sing. I will now continue the project.

I tried to do the witch table yesterday, but nothing was really working for me, so I gave it up. I will try another day.


SewCalGal said...

Thanks for sharing your insights. Your quilt (and blocks) are beautiful. Funny, as I would have never been able to visualize how delightful this block is. I can't wait to try it.


Sarah said...

I'll be eager to see this one finished. Love the fabrics and this pattern is wonderful.

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