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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Enjoying the Fruits of My Labor

I love to make quilted items for my deck. Once all my plants get large enough to use as accessories, I begin using them and my quilted items to decorate a seating area.

Here's the bare necessities -- unadorned furniture and a neutral rug to define the seating area.

After a massive rearrangement of plants and a few quilts, the area is almost hidden from view as you walk up the back deck steps.
Each step reveals a bit more of the area.
Quilts cover the backs of all the seating and I have made coordinating pillows.

The seat cushions are just covered with a bold floral home dec fabric. The fabric is just pinned to the cushions in the back, so it can be changed depending on which quilted items I am using. The bright yellow callas are nearing the end of their bloom. I have already cut down a few of the first bloomers. I hate to see them go, because they go so nicely with the log cabin chair backs.
As quilters, I thought some of you might enjoy seeing how we use quilts to enhance the enjoyment of our summer living space.

One of the questions everyone asks me is if I leave all of this stuff outside. Yes, I do on the weekends only. That's when we aren't working, so we have time to sit out there and enjoy it all. If I know it's going to rain, I will bring it in. Unfortunately I did not check the forecast and about an hour ago I heard thunder and ran to check...sure enough it is raining like crazy out there and everything is soaked. I guess I will soon find out if it's all colorfast.
6:40 a.m. update: It's still raining and finally light enough for me to get a picture.

sad, sad, sad.............I see the pillows have moved on the animal or wind...not sure which.


Irishgirlsews said...

Oh my, its lovely in your yard, the deck w/the bright white furniture & your quilted touches are perfect accent to your lovely flowers. Sorry about the rain, I live in Fl, we have had rain eveyday, we only get to enjoy the outdoors through the winter, which seems odd, doesn't it?
Thanks for sharing the great photo's.

Fiesta said...

Your garden is just stunning! How do you avoid all your quilted goodies from getting rain or dew?

Domestic Designer said...

Oh my it is just beautiful. I hope all your creations survived the rain. Have a great weekend!

Vivian said...

Your back yard is absolutely divine. I'm so envious. What a wonderful way to show off your quilts, your plants, and your furniture.

sparkle jars said...

You have an incredible backyard! You've inspired me to make some changes with mine...but I have a long way to go. This is really spectacular! :-)

Quilter Kathy said...

Beautiful...I'd love to have a cup of tea in the morning on this lovely deck!

Sarah said...

How stunning! I'd love to spend time in this outdoor space. The bright, cheerful colors of all the pillows and quilt, not to mention the lush flowers that are all around this space. Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

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