I made the decision without your Help

Since nobody offered an opinion on my last post, I had to make the decision myself.
That's O.K. because it's my table runner so I am probably going to do what I want to anyway.

I decided that I did not like the double row of gifts so I eliminated the bottom row. I did add a 3-inch border after the gift row so that the runner would finish at 12 inches high. I find that to be a good size for my table.

I had thought that this time I would leave a square edge. But when I got to this point, I decided that it would be worth the effort to design a triangular end. I just can't get over the feeling that the runner looks unfinished if it is left square.

I came up with this:
It incorporates the fabric used in many of the bows as well as the background fabric and the solid green of some of the letters.

Here is the finished runner. I know it's pretty small, so go ahead and click on it to make it big enough to see.
I am happy with it.

Now I just need to add the backing and enough quilting to hold it all together.


It looks just great! I really like the ends. I think it adds so much to the whole piece. Good Job!
Diana LaMarre said…
Hi Domestic Designer,
Thank you for taking the time to comment. I think it always pays to take a bit extra time to finish off those ends.
Anya said…
You made the right decision! Looks great.
Quilter Kathy said…
Great decisions!
What a festive looking runner!