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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pinwheel Runner with a Little Bling

Early this morning I had this pile of 6-inch blocks that I started making last night.
A few hours later I had this pinwheel table runner.
I just machine quilted it in a big grid. I didn't like the end triangles with just one line of quilting down the middle, so I added a few more lines of quilting.

I liked that better, but it still seemed to be missing a little something.

I thought of embellishing the center of each pinwheel.

But with what?

While rummaging through a sewing junk drawer, I came across a couple packages of covered button things that I bought last fall and forgot about.
I had two packages and each had 5 buttons. I needed 10 buttons for the runner.

Perfect! Covered buttons it is!

I have never made these before, so I quickly read the back of the package. Cut a round circle twice the size of the button...........I ignored that and just whacked off a wedge of fabric (much quicker). I stuck the fabric in the hole
Then I cut off the excesa.
I put the back part of the button on and pushed down with the little gadget that came in the package.

Even with long nails, it was super easy! I had it all 10 done in just a few minutes.
Now that makes me a little happier. It gives just a bit of bling to the center of each pinwheel.

I covered all the buttons in the same fabric that I used for the back of the runner.

I like the whole thing much better now.

Update: After looking at it a while longer, I decided it needed a large button at each end.

I think that does it.


Debbie said...

Great job, Zoey! You sure whip a project out quickly. It looks great.

OsageBluffquilter said...

I love our pin wheels! the buttons are the icing on the cake too.
Hoppy Easter!

Domestic Designer said...

I love it and the buttons are the perfect touch! You have inspired me...Gotta get busy!:-)

Quilter Kathy said... tablerunner!
Love the buttons!

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