Fruit Salad among the Stars

If sewing happens to be your hobby, then you are probably like me and love a rainy Sunday.

Because I can't go outside to work in my gardens, I feel no guilt about sewing away the morning
I did take a 45-minute break to scrub the floors (some things just have get done!) .

What did I sew?

Well, I continued on with my fruity fabrics. This fat quarter reminds me of fruit salad.
I decided to use 6-inch blocks on this one. The pattern I used forms stars when four of the 6-inch blocks are sewn together.

I decided to use the fruit fabric in the large center squares with black again as the frame. I had to find a fabric for the stars. I tried a light yellow, but it was too light. I needed a golden yellow.
Ah, the striped tablecloth fabric I just removed from the table looks like it's a perfect combo of light and golden yellow.

Time to start sewing. Within an hour I had 4 of the blocks done. Isn't it exciting when you put that first block together?
I was very happy with this one. I sewed merrily along for a couple of hours, stopped to make breakfast, and then sewed some more. By late morning I had this much done.
I had planned to end here, but I just didn't like the partial star at the end. I left it for a couple of hours while I went shopping, then came back and decided to finish off that end star.

Now I like it just fine. I think I am all sewed out for today.


Oh I love your color choices! I have some vegetable fabric...wonder if it would work for this? I think I will give it a try!:-)
Gayle said…
You make such wonderful fabric these together. :-)
Heather said…
the finished stars at the ends are the touch that was needed.