Citrus Punch

I bought some fruit fat quarters quite a few years ago.
I get them out every now and then and wonder what I can do with these small pieces of fabric. I can never think of anything, so I put them back and forget about them for another year.

Well, early this morning I had a sudden urge to create something. I pulled them out and spent a few minutes wondering what I could do. I looked through my paper-piecing patterns to see if I had something that was large enough to showcase the fruits. I finally found a pattern with a larger square in the middle that I thought would work.

As is my custom, I just start cutting and sewing. I never know if I will have enough of any fabric.

Darn! There was only one fat quarter of black fabric and it was not enough. Now what?

I just finished a black table runner and had some of that leftover fabric. Perhaps I could alternate the black border with a solid black and this fabric?

Hmmm...I don't really like it. I want the bold graphic look of pure black, but I can't find any more solid black fabric.

Then I glance over to my pattern dresser and look what is sitting on the floor....

a pure black 3" valance topper that I took down last month, washed and tossed in a pile of other fabric.
It's slightly heavier than the black cotton I was using, but I like it better than the black print. I happily cut off a foot or so, cut it into smaller sections and sew it on.
Hmmmmmmm........I think this will work just fine.

I am liking this.

Now I just need to decide on one more fabric.

I tend to make my decisions by looking around to see what fabrics I have in my sewing room. I have tons more in bins in the basement, but I am usually too lazy to go down there and look. I am more of a grab-what's-in-front-of-me block designer.

I think green is what I need and lucky for me, I have green fabric just a few feet away from my sewing machine. I grab it and sew my heart out for about an hour. Before I know it I have 16 4.5-inch citrus blocks made. That uses up all of the 18 x 22" piece of citrus fabric I had.

I am very pleased with the bold black and green with the citrus fruit blocks. I set them aside and leave for a garage sale.

Later in the morning I sewed the 16 blocks together and ended up with this table runner:

I like it. Most of all I am very, very happy that I have finally found something to make from this piece of fabric!


Dani said…
How lovely! I should learn to sew someday! :)
Dianne said…
Perfect for the summer! I can just see a bowl of oranges or limes in the center of this.
Anya said…
Oh, Zoey, that looks very nice. It even matches the background color of your blog...