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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Working on Nanette's Rooster Quilt

This morning I went in search of some fabric from my stash to begin working on Nanette's Rooster quilt.

I found a number of fabrics that would work.

In my last post I showed you the inspiration quilt for this block.

I have since decided that I do not want to make a bed-sized quilt from this block. Who wants a rooster on their bedspread?

I decided that one border of squares would be enough. At the moment, I am thinking I will use this as a table topper.

After a fairly short time, I have the 16 blocks done that I need for the border. I set them out around the 18-inch rooster block. I am thinking they look a bit too big, but at this point they are what they are. I am not about to start over!

I decide that I need to make a thin border of navy to tie in the navy triangles. On the third border, something happened to my sewing machine and look what I found when I turned it over!

I wasn't sure what happened, but I took the bobbin out, removed all the lint, rethreaded the machine and tested the stitch.

Same thing! ARRRRGGGG. I remember that when I took my machine in a few months ago for something similar, it was only that it was incorrectly threaded. On my machine you can't see the thread. It's hidden inside the machine. I rethreaded it again. Still not working.

Finally I turned off the machine and then turned it back on. Presto! The stitch is back to normal! Who knows how these computerized machines work these days (I have a Husqvarna Viking Saphirre) I am just happy it is working again.

Soon after that I hit a pin and broke the needle. ARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGG!

Finally I get to the last border. The bright yellow-orange striped fabric reminds me of the sun, so I decide to use that as the final border.

Somewhere along the way, the whole day has evaporated. So much for my plan to do some heavy-duty cleaning today.

I am fairly happy with this. I could leave it as is for a table topper, or I could add more borders for a snugly TV-watching quilt. I am not yet sure what I will do. All I know is that I am finished for today because I must get dinner started.

Isn't it amazing how the whole day can disappear when we get involved in quilting?


sparkle jars said...

I love this wall-hanging. You have a gift for choosing fabrics that work well together.

Zoey said...

Thanks, Sparkle jars. I am still not sure if I am done with it or if I will continue to make it larger.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Hi, Zoey. I just found your blog and wanted to say Hi to a fellow Michigan Quilter. Love your rooster.

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