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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another one for the Pot Holder Pile

I spent a little time after work making this flower block just to see how difficult it was. I make quite a few practice blocks to see if the pattern is something I want to make in multiple.
I made a few errors in the stem. It is so difficult to determine what the color should be when the pattern does not indicate such!

Although this one is not something I want to pursue, it won't go to waste. I added borders to make it nice and large so I can toss it on the counter to set down a hot cookie sheet, etc. I hate when I have a big sheet pan and a dinky pot holder to set it on. This will work great.

I used a double layer of terry cloth on the back side so it's nice and thick and will also wash up nicely.

I have quite a collection of these one block wonders.

I store them in the drawer under the stove
where they are handy to grab, and I really do use them all the time.


Debbie @ said...

Hi Zoey! I like your one block wonders! What a wonderful is a good idea to make them first and see if you like them.'
Have a wonderful day!

sparkle jars said...

This is such a great idea...especially with the terry cloth back.

Zoey said...

Debbie and SJ, Thank you. It's a good way to use up the good sections of old towels.

mattsmom499 said...

Please email me the direction you used! I love these quick and easy PP project.

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