A Magazine I am Tempted to Get & a Farm Quilt

Have any of you read "Quilter's Home" magazine?

It sounds like something I would like, but it's $5 an issue price for a subscription seems pretty steep.

If you have read it, do you think it's worth the price?

Last February I made this paper-pieced rooster block.

I think my next piecing project will be to finish turning it into a quilt. I think it's 18 inches square and I am planning to use it as the center of a farm animal quilt. I think one border of different farm animals would be fun. If my next border was 9-inch animal blocks, I would need eight animals and perhaps 4 barns in the corners.

I am going to start looking for farm animals today. I know my Noah's Ark book has some in it.

It's always exciting to start a new project!


Tina Craig said…
I took a class with Mark Lipinski just after the magazine was released and he gave us free copies, which he autographed. I think the mag is funny and worth the price, but it's not for everyone. Try to find one in a bookstore or library to see if you like it before subscribing. Tina
Candy Schultz said…
I have read it but it has a lot of stuff that I don't do. I only want to make quilts not tea cozies. So I don't read it anymore. You may like it. Try one issue and then decide.
Diana LaMarre said…
Thanks, Tina & Candy. I think I will try an issue. I will let you know what I think.