I Have Been Fabric Shopping Again

Look at all of this!

Each piece is 2 to 3 yards. I have no projects in mind. I just buy it because it's less than half off and so it's there when I need a certain color. Those fat quarters were just .25 each.

Have you ever seen these things?
(pic is from the Wilton site )

I was surfing the other day and came across a board where the bakers were extolling the virtues of these strips. They are supposed to make your cake bake evenly and have a nice flat top.

So I used my JoAnne 50% coupon and bought a set.

I have not used them yet. Have any of you ever used them?

I am hoping to finish machine quilting the pink star quilt this weekend. I have the walking foot on my sewing machine. It's a pain to put on so I don't want to keep changing feet, yet I am eager to start a valentine table runner. Hopefully that will inspire me to work on it a lot this weekend.

I keep visiting quilting blogs and seeing all the projects you have all made since Jan. 1. I am feeling way behind schedule!


Gayle said…
I've never heard of those but I can't wait to try them myself. :-)
Candy Schultz said…
You will never be as far behind as I am. You lucky girl buying fabric. That is so therapeutic. I have never heard of the strips. Do tell if they do as expected.
Deb said…
Those things to go around your cake pan work great....tip= wet them first they will last forever.