Heart with Rose Paper Piece Block

I just finished making this heart block.

I just love the rose in the middle.
I have had the pattern for a year or two, but it looked so difficult that it took until today before I was ready to give it a try.

I got the pattern free at Paper Panache. It was made by Bobbie Osborne. I couldn't get the hyper link to work (big thanks to Alissa for letting me know)so you can just highlight this address and paste it into your browser.


I don't know her, but I would like to thank her for providing this free pattern. I am amazed at all of the talented people out there who spend time and energy designing paper pieced patterns and then give them free for our quilting pleasure .

It's not a beginner's pattern, but if you already know how to paper piece, you should be able to finish it in about two hours. It has 54 pieces! Lots of them of tiny, tiny. That finished piece is sitting on top of a spool of thread and has 7 pieces.

You would never guess from looking at these pieces that it would finish into such a pretty Valentine block, would you? I didn't measure it, but it looks to be a 6-inch finished block.

I am not sure what I will do with it.


Anya said…
That's really lovely, Zoey. It's amazing what you can make with paper piecing. And I'm with you -- those who provide patterns to us for free are to be thanked a lot!
Anonymous said…
Alissa said…
Wow, I think that's the most beautiful bit of paper piecing I've seen! I'm a beginner, and hope to be able to do something that fantastic someday! THanks for sharing.
Dionne said…
It does look complicated, but I really love the results!
Candy Schultz said…
That is gorgeous. Thanks for telling us how to get the pattern.
Heather said…
I made this block before and was pleased with how well it turned out. Thanks for showing your version.