Outrageous Prices for Button Cover Paraphernalia

I had DH drop me off at Joanne's this morning while he went to the supermarket.

I wanted to get a some button covers. Holy smokes, I was surprised at how much those things cost. I expected to get a big bag for $4 or $5.

No way. They are about .75 each and then I have to do all the work to make them. I think that's outrageous!

I bought this Butterick pattern for chair covers.

I love B - the first one on the bottom row. It requires 6 button covers per chair and almost 4 yards of fabric per chair. GET OUT OF HERE! I am not about to spend over $50 per chair cover! If I am making these myself, I expect to exchange my labor for the big bucks chair covers cost at retail. You can't find a decent home dec fabric for much less than $10 a yard. I guess I will hold this pattern until I find some good quality fabric that is reduced to a fraction of its full price.

Does anyone have a source for button covers at a lesser price?


Gayle said…
If you have a Walmart with a craft section, they are much more affordable there. :-)