Honored with an Award

Anya, from Hills Creek Quilter, recently surprised and delighted me by naming Perpetually Piecing as a blog that she finds creative. With millions of blogs out there, I am always thrilled when someone finds something in mine that inspires them to return on a daily (or near) basis. Thank you, Anya, for making my day!

I visit so many blogs that there is no way I can pick 5. Simply put if I visit you often, then I find your blog creative. Otherwise I wouldn't check in all the time to see what new and wonderful projects you have all posted. I just wish I had more time in the day to visit more of you.

See all of these elves that I have made?

I love these guys. They hang out all over my home during the month of December.

You might find one in a tree,
sitting in a stocking, or

perhaps peeking through a vase of live greens.
Why, they even find a way to get up in the archway garland! They are everywhere!

I have decided to make some new clothing for a couple of them. I want to try to insert a tiny paper-pieced block into the shirt front.

Stayed tuned to see if it works. If it does, I think it will qualify as a quilting post, since it will be paper pieced. :)


Anonymous said…
Such happy little fellas! Did you make them from scratch? So cute!
Dionne said…
I love those little elves! So adorable!!